Fast and efficient backup of XFS partition


If you are using the XFS filesystem for your Linux partition you can create full and incremental backups with the powerful tool xfsdump.

I am creating a backup of my home partition like this:

sudo xfsdump -l 0 -L "Backup level 0 of /home `date`" - /home | lzop > /backup-dir/home-xfsdump-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.lzo

Let’s have a detailed look on the used commands and parameters:

lzop will compress the filesystem data with minimal CPU usage and not slowing down your backup procedure at all, the limiting bottleneck will probably be your backup storage (external USB drive or network storage):

xfsdump load

You probably have to install xfsdump and lzop first:

sudo apt install xfsdump lzop

Now you also have the xfsrestore command, which you will need to restore the filesystem from the backup:

lzop -dc my-xfsdump.lzo | xfsrestore - /home

With xfsdump you can even do incremental backups, Red Hat has a comprehensive article about BACKING UP AND RESTORING XFS FILE SYSTEMS

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